You are planning an important meeting and you want your interlocutor to understand each detail of the conversation? Consecutive interpretation is a type of interpretation where the interpreter reproduces the interpreted text into the target language when the speaker makes a pause in the speech, whereby the interpreter sometimes uses notes previously written down in their reminder. Consecutive interpretation is the most convenient for seminars, round tables, presentations and other types of business meetings. Consecutive interpreters fully adjust to the style and dynamics of speech of each individual speaker, and they have to be reliable, accurate, fast and adroit. In the event of interpretation before a public court, a notary or in legal proceedings, the interpreter is required to be a court interpreter as well. The professionalism and vast experience of our interpreters will bring you success in your business meetings or in entering into new business contracts with your foreign business partners.
Consecutive interpretation is convenient for small-scale gatherings, and such interpretation therefore does not require special equipment. If your meetings last several hours, they will require a team of two interpreters working in turn during the interpretation of the meeting, in order to maintain maximum focus on their work. For both simultaneous and consecutive interpretation, it is of utmost importance for interpreters to know in advance the date of the event, to be informed of the terminology to be used during the event, as well as to be provided with the necessary material in advance, in order to get prepared for the meeting to the greatest extent possible. We provide consecutive interpretation for all world languages, including the following: English, German, Slovenian, Italian, French, Slovak, Czech, Spanish, Russian, Albanian, Greek, Dutch, Swedish, Turkish, Polish, Macedonian, Ukrainian, Chinese, Arabic, Norwegian, Japanese.