Both simultaneous and consecutive interpretation represent the highest quality forms of communication between people speaking different languages. The Association of Court Interpreters of the Republic of Srpska, in cooperation with professional agencies, provides simultaneous interpretation for all types of international gatherings, such as congresses, conferences, seminars, presentations, lectures and business meetings. In the course of simultaneous interpretation, the interpreter interprets the speaker’s words almost at the same time as the speaker speaks, but with a delay of several seconds. This type of interpretation requires special equipment in order to ensure that interpretation proceeds smoothly. Namely, simultaneous interpretation is conducted in a sound-proof booth, and it requires the interpreter’s intensive attention and focus, because the interpreter simultaneously listens, analyses the contents, anticipates what has not been said yet and interprets what is said into the target language. For that reason, there are always two or three interpreters in the booth, doing the interpretation in turn.
One simultaneous interpreter is able to interpret for 30 minutes at the most without a break. The simultaneous interpreter listens to the speaker via earphones in a sound-proof booth, and simultaneously interprets into the target language by speaking into a microphone. The daily working norm of a simultaneous interpreter is six to eight hours at the most. Although it is considered the most demanding type of interpretation, the advantage of simultaneous interpretation is that it saves time, because the interpretationproceeds simultaneously with the original speech and the course of action is not slowed down. For simultaneous interpretation it is of utmost importance for simultaneous interpreters to know in advance the date of the event and the duration of interpretation, to be informed of the terminology to be used during the event in a timely manner, as well as to be provided with the necessary material in order to get prepared for simultaneous interpretation to the greatestextent possible. We provide simultaneous interpretation for all world languages.


Equipment for simultaneous interpretation enables communication without boundaries, without language barriers. If you decide to rent equipment for simultaneous interpretation, we shall be glad to help you with a piece of advice or a suggestion in terms of organisation of all types of business meetings, so that you could be provided with the complete service in a single location. Equipment for simultaneous interpretation consists of the following: receivers, earphones, wireless microphones, static microphones, interpreter booths, sound system and accessories.
For each event we provide an experienced technician who oversees and manages the equipment in the room throughout the event. At multilingual conferences usingequipment for simultaneous interpretation, each participant speaks the language that suits them most and listens to the language they understand best – boundless communication. The price of renting the equipment depends on the type of event, venue, number of participants and other requests that you may have.