A court interpreter is a person who issues a certified translation of a document, thereby guaranteeing that the translation is true to the original. In order to obtain a certified translation of a document, it is necessary to provide the original or a certified copy of the original document. The service of a court interpreter implies translation of a document and certification of the translated document with the stamp of the certified court interpreter. Translations of such documents are mostly done for the needs of state institutions (Ministry of Internal Affairs, courts and prosecutor’s offices, ministries, registry offices, faculties, notary offices etc.).
Collection of documents and their delivery are managed according to the agreement between clients and our professional service, in the manner most preferred by the clients. In order to satisfy such needs, the Association of Court Interpreters of the Republic of Srpska has established receiving offices in several cities in the Republic of Srpska, so that our service could be accessible to you in an easy and simple manner.